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Avant at Castle Pines

Avant at Castle Pines

If you're a property manager, hoa representative or just that neighbor tasked with researching mailboxes. this is the page where your answers begin:

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Broken Mailboxes

It happens. Whether by vandalism, snow plows, or otherwise. Most mailboxes wear and tear over time. Many times, people don't even think about their mailbox until they no longer work. Page Specialty Company repairs mailboxes, parcel lockers and everything in between. We provide expert consultation on all types of postal equipment. Whether your old bank needs new locks, new pedestal or replacement. Contact us to set up a meeting with our personnel to address your community's needs. 

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Mailbox Replacement

Communities now are experiencing increasing pressure from the post office to replace their older mailboxes. The reason? Parcel lockers and security. 

The USPS now delivers Amazon. Due to ever increasing package and mail theft, the post office is starting a nationwide push to apartment buildings, HOA's and even individual residents to upgrade their mailboxes. 

The USPS already requires a 10 mailbox : 1 parcel locker ratio for all new housing. Existing communities are technically "grandfathered" past this requirement. But the moment your old mailbox is damaged or worn out the post office may push your community for replacement. They can, and sometimes will refuse mail service until the repair requests are finished!

Page Specialty Company offers all forms of USPS approved postal equipment. We work with the USPS as official contractors. We schedule installation with the post office. We are your community's best resource to coordinate with your local post office. 

Page Specialty Company is happy set up a meeting at your community to discuss your options. 

We can replace your old mailboxes with the same style. We can price out your options for upgraded models. Most importantly, we provide the peace of mind in solving any postal issue.