Page Specialty Company

is a full service mailbox supplier, installer and repair orgainization. If you've heard anything at all about us, then you'll probably know at least three things: we are friendly, we are professional, and we provide complete service with exceptional quality. 

Page Specialty is set to provide you with complete service.  We are a Turnkey operation, all you have to do is make the call.  We will do the rest.... We are different from the normal vendors for postal products. For a start, we can provide the line locations for excavation, do the site-prep, excavation and pour the proper concrete pad.  Page Specialty can order the proper cluster box unit for mail deliver, install the unit and provide key distribution services. 

We have relationships with all the major postal product suppliers.  We have been providing installation and service along the Rocky-Mountain Front Range and Colorado for over 14 years.  We have long-standing relationships with all of the US Post Offices in the area.  Our installers are expert craftsmen and can provide a wide range of custom solutions.

We don't just install your unit.  We can service the unit in all aspects from Key services to part replacement to total replacement.

Where and what we service

Denver, Colorado is our Home

We Service Pueblo to Ft Collins & Cheyenne to Grand Junction CO

We provide the most cost effective commercial equipment available:

  • Cluster Box Unit & OPL

  • 4C Mailboxes & 4C Kiosk Stations

  • Horizontal 4B+ Replacement MB’s

  • Vertical Replacement Mailboxes

  • Collection Boxes, Mail Drops, Directories, Key Keepers, Chimes and Parts (Florence Mfg.)

Free Consultation & Quotes

  • Best Practice: go out take a look, determine which products best meet the customer and the local USPS’s needs. If you don’t have the local USPS involved you can waste time and money

  • We often provide precise CAD drawings to assist installation